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About Tutor Fred:





Founder of the site and having long experience on teaching Mandarin to foreigners from different countries. A native Mandarin speaker from Taiwan. An easy going guy with good sense of humor. Nothing too serious, but somehow serious about students’ learning curve.

Age: 38

Education: MBA (Griffith University Australia)

Travel experience: China, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, India, South Korea, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia


Teaching Style: Good with explaining the Chinese culture. Fun relax lecturing with less stress but good progressing of improving at any level of your Mandarin. Always trying to understand, and make friends with students.


No matter how your Mandarin level is or whatever your age is. I will get you from zero to hero. (In Mandarin, of course ^^)