Price & Lesson

Your textbook for now will be HSK series which is one of the most well known materials that is being used in many of the schools and cram schools worldwide. It is published from Beijing. Hence, the simplified Mandarin will be taught, and 拼音Pīnyīn will be taught as well.


Face to Face session:

One Session: 40mins = 999p

*Minimum 2 sessions a day

One session with 2 students: 40mins =

999*2 5% off

One session with 3 students: 40mins =

999*3 10% off

One session with 4 students: 40mins =

999*4 15% off

One session with 5 students: 40mins =

999*5 20% off

Minimum booking deposit is 5 sessions.

PS. Transportation fee (Return fare by Grab) is exclusive and added with the following list.

Metro Manila area:

For Makati Area 600p

For BGC Area 500p

For Pasig Area 760p

For Pasay 900p

For Paranaque 900p

For Quezon 1500p

For Alabang 1500p

For other location please contact us for further discussion.

Online session:

One Session: 40mins = 999p

Will be conducted by wechat, skype, line, kakaotalk, viber, or any other app.

Minimum booking deposit is 5 sessions.

For the schedule in Singapore and Japan, please contact us for further detail.

Rules & Regulations:

Lesson cancellation shall be notified by not less than 3 days. Last day cancellation will be forfeited.