Hokkien Lesson

It’s been a history that there are many Chinese Filipinos in Philippines are speaking Hokkien with family and friends. Also there are many Chinese from Fujian, Taiwanese, Malaysian, Singaporean, and people from Xiamen speaking Hokkien. It’s getting a huge demand in Philippines that people want to start to learn it.

There are very few materials for beginners to learn Hokkien. Not to mention if it’s English written textbook or tutorials.

I am now providing a Hokkien Lesson for you to start from 0 and basic Hokkien. There are 8 to 9 tones for Hokkien. Unlike Mandarin has only 4 to 5 tones. A lot of the written words are different as Mandarin as well, but the grammar is basically same as Mandarin structure.

Here is the detail of the lesson.

Face to Face session:

One hour Lesson: 50mins + 10mins break (Total one hour) 1,000p

Minimum deposit is 4 lessons.

When it’s last lesson, 4 more lessons deposit will be asked to process.

PS. There will be transportation fee added for the session depending on the location, distance, and traffic.

Now it’s only available in Metro Manila area.

For Makati Area 500p

For BGC Area 500p

For Pasig Area 600p

For Pasay 700p

For Paranaque 700p

For Quezon 700p+

For other location please contact us for further discussion.

Online session:

One Lesson: 50mins + 10mins break (Total one hour) 1,000p

Will be conducted by wechat, skype, line, kakaotalk, viber, or any other app.

Minimum deposit is 5 lessons for online session.

When it’s last lesson, 5 more lessons deposit will be asked to process.

Rules & Regulations:

Lesson time can be changed earlier or later on the day upon the acknowledgment by tutor and student.

Lesson cancellation shall be informed not less than 3 days. Otherwise, the lesson fee will be deducted 100%.